Krystal Lauk Studios enjoys an on-going relationship with Uber Technologies, providing design and illustration support throughout the product development & marketing cycles of various projects.
A core capability of Krystal Lauk Studios is the application of illustration to communicate sophisticated concepts and complicated systems. Uber leaned on this unique capability in the marketing of Trip Experiences, a new feature of the Uber Developer Platform.

Krystal Lauk Studios has also designed and produced comprehensive storyboards for new concept products – these internal-facing deliverables help stakeholders across the business better understand the possibilities for how a new project would be used by consumers. Due to client confidentiality these assets are not public.

Finally, Krystal Lauk Studios was responsible for the UX/UI design of Uber’s petition platform ‘Action Platform’ – signed by over a million signatories, the petition platform is a crucial tool utilized across the business worldwide to demonstrate strong public opinion for legislative and regulatory change that drives the on-demand transportation market.

If, like Uber, you share the need to demonstrate complicated systems and concepts then let's put pen to paper and explore.