Miyazaki Tribute Show

Sketchpad Gallery, SF

"Time Beards" curators Craig Drake and Luke Harrington approached me on behalf of Sketchpad Gallery to create artwork for the Miyazaki Spirit Tribute Show, opening March 5th, 2016. Being a huge Miyazaki fan, I happily agreed and went on my way to create "My Hungry Ghost", a tribute to my favorite Miyazaki film, "Spirited Away."

The show was an overwhelming success, garnering over 6K RSVPs on the Facebook event page and had thousands of people lined up in the pouring rain to get in in the show. Along with huge social engagement, the show and artwork was featured in The Verge, SF Station, IO9 Gizmodo, and SFFunCheap.

The show will be open again on Saturday, March 12th for those who missed the opening. The Sketchpad Gallery is at 66 6th st. SF, CA.