This is What We Do for Our Clients

Conceptual Illustrations & Infographics

We combine illustration with our unique ability to bring clarity and simplicity to complex systems and diagrams. The results are beautiful, hand-crafted visuals that not only communicate your core message, but reduce friction between your product benefits and your customers.

Illustration for Branding

We define and develop engaging illustration systems that bring personality to your brand, and communicate your company values. The result is a framework and a style guide that makes it easy to implement delightful illustrations in your unique voice, across many verticals.

Marketing Collateral

We create illustrations that tell stories that resonate and connect with people for marketing and advertising campaigns. The results are culturally relevant, compelling visuals that command attention and engagement, whether you're speaking to the neighborhood or a global audience.

Product Illustration

We create illustrations for UI/UX flows and storyboards for new concept products, that give experiences a human touch. The results are empathetic, authentic visuals that help build trust with your users.

Why Krystal Lauk Studios?

Technology Focused

Effectively communicate complex technology-forward ideas and concepts through simple and engaging visuals, developing creative solutions for startups, editorial publications, and fortune 500 tech giants

Product Design Experience

Collaborate in tandem with product designers to create user-friendly visually guided experiences, leaning on her past product experience

Agency Disciplined

Well versed in the agency workflow and pace, executing on major projects quickly and efficiently with open communication and collaboration among marketers, designers, animators, copywriters, project managers, producers and stakeholders

Art Direction

Mentor and lead designers in an open minded, safe environment, developing trust and effective collaboration while yielding detail oriented quality execution

Globally Minded

Experience working with major brands across global and localized campaigns, collaborating with APAC, EMEA, and Americas teams to deliver solutions acutely sensitive to cultural sensibilities and diversity needs

Inspired with Purpose

Passionate about creating user centered, meaningful design that inspires people to form long lasting relationships with the brands that align with their values