10 Tech Companies using Illustration in Awesome Ways

Gone is the “techie blue” brand color that had been the trademark identity for so many tech companies. That’s so 2010! Now we’re in an era of vibrant colors, squiggly lines, and crazy shapes. Yes, tech companies are not only embracing the human touch that illustration can bring to product experiences, marketing campaigns, and everything in between- they’re having fun with it as well. Here’s a breakdown of 10 awesome examples.


These illustrations have a sketch quality, that communicate the message that Dropbox is there for you in the process. Art direction by Michael Jeter


The realistic, organic nature of these marketing portal illustrations have a calm, reassuring feeling to them, communicating that life will be easier with the Gusto HR platform. Illustrations by Camellia Neri


These illustrations communicate that the process of work is whimsical and fun, through bright colors and floating people. (But of course!) Illustrations by Alice Lee


These really fun billboards are scattered all throughout San Francisco right now. The surreal Las Vegas neon feeling communicate the sense of getting rich- an effective theme for a stock trading platform. Illustrations by Daniel Haire


Shopify shows their product as a floating interface, transcending physical space. Through body language of the user and simplicity of the interface, this communicates to the viewer that the user is at ease and in control using the product. Art direction by Meg Robichaud


Uber’s illustration style lends well to it’s elegant branding. It’s also a way for Uber to celebrate diversity and cultures through illustrations like this Lunar New Year banner. Illustration by Jennifer Hom


Illustration plays a great role in helping define different ways Asana can be used through the “tours” experience. Illustrated by Anna Hurley


Intercom communicates their product value through highly abstract, vibrant illustrations. Art direction by Justin Pervorse


Watercolor illustrations are a unique but sophisticated approach for this startup’s branding. Illustrator unknown (identify yourself please, because these are wicked)


This playful illustration style shows the value of Notion tools through the expressions of it’s characters. Illustrations by Roman Muradov

Have you seen awesome examples of how illustration is used in tech products? Are you an illustrator doing awesome things in this space? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

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